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Gwalior Crime News: The caught crook also confessed to robbing the chain with Mangalsutra

Gwalior Crime News: The caught crook also confessed to robbing the chain with Mangalsutra


Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior, AboutGyan Representative. Five days before in Adityapuram, the brown Gurjar, who robbed the mangalsutra from the teacher’s wife, was caught by the Maharajpura police station. The robber, along with robbing the mangalsutra, has confessed to rob a gold chain from another woman’s neck near Vayunagar. Police have also recovered the robbed chain along with Mangalsutra on the clue of the accused. The robber has been identified with footage from a CCTV camera.

CSP Ravi Bhadoria told that Aruna Singh, wife of Brijendra Singh Rajawat, a teacher living in Adityapuram, was looking for a cow at a distance from home to feed bread after cooking on Monday afternoon, when the miscreant from behind pounced on him. Mangalsutra was looted. The woman had also struggled with courage to catch the crook and save her mangalsutra, but the robber had robbed the mangalsutra by twisting the woman’s hand with force. A CCTV camera saw the face of the bike-riding miscreant, but the robber was wearing red saffi on his face. Faridia gave another clue to the police saying something was written in English on the robber’s bike. SP Amit Sanghi had instructed Maharajpura police station in-charge Prashant Yadav and his team to trace this incident of loot.

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Identified on the basis of Huliya: Station in-charge Prashant Yadav said that on the basis of Hulia, a suspicious young man living in the area was identified and his horoscope was scrutinized before being captured. The police came to know that the suspect was of criminal instinct. The police apprehended the suspicious brown Gurjar. The accused confessed to robbing the woman’s mangalsutra at Adityapuram after refusing. After interrogating the accused in connection with other incidents, the accused confessed to robbing a gold chain from the neck of another woman from Vayunagar. Police have recovered the robbed mangalsutra and the gold chain. Police of other police stations are also interrogating the accused.