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Gwalior Vijay Singh Rathore Column: Advice of well-wishers to the Energy Minister – get the department changed or make competent officials sit on the chair

Gwalior Vijay Singh Rathore Column: Advice of well-wishers to the Energy Minister – get the department changed or make competent officials sit on the chair

Publish Date: | Fri, Sep 2021 01: 59 PM (IST)

Gwalior Vijay Singh Rathore Column: Vijay Singh Rathore, Gwalior New Dunia. Knowing the actual condition of the electricity distribution related systems in the state is a bit complicated. But in Gwalior and neighboring Chambal division these days people remember the energetic minister as soon as they take a fan in their hand. People are suffering due to unannounced power cuts for an unlimited time. When the light goes off when the heat rises, the mercury of the people also becomes high because the energetic minister is from his own city. To get rid of the heat as soon as the light goes off, women use their hands to blow the fan and curse the energetic minister. Alam is that now the non-political well-wishers of the minister are also advising that, ‘Minister, people will not forget the kind of grace your department is getting in the area. Digvijay Singh has suffered the brunt of this. Why do you take your forehead? Get the department changed, or make the competent officers sit on the chair.

Old BJP people missing from the film, the dominance of the new Maharaja: Ever since the Maharaja held the lotus flower, a change is being seen in the politics of Gwalior-Chambal. There are many such leaders, who were once MLAs and ministers from Gwalior, who used to be the protagonists of the film of the politics of the city and the state, but at present they are missing from the film itself. Whether there is any incident related to politics in the area, whether it is work or not, the name of the Maharaja of the palace definitely comes in it. Special care is taken to ensure that the leader whom the BJP did not get tired of cursing, now there should be no shortage in his hospitality. Maharaj’s home town is proposed to arrive on September. Kilometer route is being prepared. In such a situation, to lay flowers in the path of Maharaj, the lotus party is engaged in meetings from the assemblies to the divisional level. Received Honor: The owner of the city’s prestigious hotel and senior Congress leader is in discussion these days. Netaji was caught in a political crisis amidst the adverse conditions created after the by-election. What happened in the eyes of the Maharaja of the palace, he was forced to face financial and mental torture. Netaji was also very upset due to the political equations created due to defection. Despite this, Netaji’s faith and loyalty to the Congress did not decline. It is another matter that the political opponents of Netaji had started making air that he was being neglected fiercely in the party. But now the state’s former Chief Minister and party chief Kamal Nath has clarified the situation. Along with taking over the reins of State Vice President and Gwalior Rural, Netaji has been entrusted with the additional responsibility of Treasurer in the State Organization.

Lat Sahab: Sweet-sweet gossip, bitter-bitter Thu-Thuh Kamal Nath’s Lat Saheb had come to Gwalior in the midst of a heated atmosphere of coup and defection. Along with administrative work, Lat Saheb also had to establish a foothold on the fierce political ground of Gwalior, in which he was completely successful. Along with doing his essential work, Lat Saheb has maintained a better tweening with the ruling party. But Lat Saheb could not save himself from the allegation of favoritism of the opposition in following the Corona guidelines. While dedicating to Lat Saheb, these days sweet-sweet gossip, bitter-bitter thu-thu proverb has come on the tongue of the people. Since the corona guideline does not become like a straw on BJP’s events, while there is a mountain-like obstruction for various Congress events, picketing demonstrations. In such a situation, the administration is directly accused of using the Corona guideline like a sharp-edged sword.

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