In talks: Whoever served, he will get nuts


In conversation: Abhishek Chendke

Vacancies in many posts of BJP’s state executive are yet to be filled. State President VD Sharma is intermittently declaring the executive committee. First appointed the General Secretary and now the executive, permanent and invited members have been fixed, but for the important posts, the state president put another condition. Priority will be given to the leaders who served the people and strengthened the image of the organization during the Corona period. After this, the claimants to get the post are now preparing the file of the work done during the Corona period. Old videos are also going viral on internet media. In the cities where the BJP’s city executive is stuck, those serving during the Corona period will also get nuts. In Indore too, some leaders are waiting for the nuts to be received from the organization, but no fragrance is visible yet.

Shaharnama : Coconut that does not burst

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Khujneri got a chance

Nine leaders from Indore were included in the list of BJP working committee members. Three-four MLAs were included from Indore, but MLAs Mahendra Hardia and Akash Vijayvargiya were not included in the committee. Many senior workers from rural areas were also sitting waiting to join the working committee, but these ‘dev-rare’ workers could not get the chance. Minister Tulsi Silavat and Usha Thakur also got the number from the quota of rural area. On the other hand, Jyotiraditya Scindia was trying to get two-three leaders of his team from Indore to be included in the working committee, but only Vipin Khujneri could find a place in the list, the other leaders kept waiting. Now from his camp, there is a discussion going on in the suppressed tongue that Silavat is a minister anyway. Some other name could have been added instead of him.

Demand to run DEMU train as soon as it is unlocked
Demand to run DEMU train as soon as it is unlocked

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When the shops opened, I felt like Poha Day

Nowadays, if the message on the Internet media becomes more viral, then people start believing it to be correct. After the lockdown, when the city’s restaurants and hotels were allowed to order poha, some Indoris who were active on the internet media announced World Poha Day. Poha is the weakness of the people of Indore. Due to the lockdown, the outside pohas did not get the same luck. The message of Poha Day increased the call. What was it then.. On WhatsApp, Facebook, messages on a plate full of poha came out when there was no World Poha Day. Poha is not even found all over the world, but Poha Day was celebrated on the internet media such that BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya also wished Poha Day on his Facebook account. See – seen other leaders also started celebrating World Poha Day. Happy Indore!

Shots were fired in Laxmibai grain market, stabbed for arrogance
Shots were fired in Laxmibai grain market, stabbed for arrogance

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Officer on the backfoot due to the displeasure of the MP

The officers who were known for their tough image in the previous tenure of BJP rule, now take big decisions only after getting the yes of the leaders. Even before sending the officers to Indore, it was said that the complaints of public representatives should not be received. In Indore, the coordination between public representatives and officers was going well, but due to the budget of the Municipal Corporation, that too got messed up. The officers prepared the budget carefully. When MP Shankar Lalwani came to know about this, he lodged his objection and the officers came on the back foot. Other public representatives were also surprised by this attitude, as they were not asked anything. The suggestions of the MP were included in the budget and also took credit for it when it was announced, but many leaders could not get more schemes announced in their assembly constituency in a hurry.

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