Increase in Pulses MSP: Increase in MSP for the next Kharif season, more profit for pulses farmers


Lokesh Solanki, Indore Increase in Pulses MSP. Farmers who sow pulses and oilseeds crops will get more benefits in the coming Kharif season of cultivation along with monsoon. From the point of view of MP and Malwa-Nimar, farmers who sow tuvar and urad in pulses will get more profit than the farmers who take moong. Similarly, among oilseeds crops, farmers growing spleen, groundnut and cotton have been given more benefit in MSP than those growing soybean.

On the basis of the recommendation of the Cabinet Committee, the new Minimum Support Prices announced for the marketing season 2021-2022 for Kharif will be applicable to the crops coming immediately before winter after monsoon. The biggest increase in the new support price announced on Wednesday has been made in the support price of spleen. The new support price of spleen is being increased to Rs 7,307 per quintal by increasing the existing MSP by Rs 452 per quintal. The farmers taking Tuvar and Urad crops at number two will be benefitted.

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It has been announced to increase the support price of both Tuvar and Urad pulses by Rs 300 per quintal to Rs 6,300 per quintal. In comparison, the support price of moong has been increased by Rs 79 per quintal to Rs 7275 per quintal. By increasing the support price of soybean, the main Kharif crop of Malwa by only Rs 70, Rs 3950 per quintal has been declared for the next season.

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In comparison, the present support price of groundnut has been increased by Rs 275 to Rs 5550 per quintal and the support price of cottonseed by Rs 200 to Rs 211 has been announced. According to traders, the effect of increase in support price will be visible on Kharif sowing and market. The intention of the government is to increase the production of pulses and edible oil in the country. This will strengthen the prices of tur urad in the local market. Soybean and soya oil are already at a high.

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