Indore Crime News: Asked neighbor for not drinking money for drinking alcohol, then beaten brutally


Indore Crime News: Indore. NewDuniya Representative. 30-year-old Ravi Putra Ramdeen Chauhan, who lives in Scheme 78 near Chhatrasal School, has filed a case of assault and threat of murder against neighbor Accused Ankit Dyer. According to the Lasudia police station, Ravi told that he went to feed his cow at around 3.30 pm on Sunday. Then Accused Ankit came and demanded money for drinking liquor. Ravi said that he does not have money and refused. At this, the accused picked up the stone and hit him on the head, causing injuries and bleeding. After this, the accused started going from there and said that if he refuses to give money after today, he will kill him. A case has been registered against the accused in the case, the accused are being searched.

At the same time, in the second case lodged at the Lusudia police station, Pandurang Ambore, Raju son of Doctor Nagar Sai Basti, has filed a case of assault against Lakhan and Bhola. Raju told that his wife’s nettle had fallen somewhere. Lakhan was standing there, asking him if his wife’s nettle was found, then he started abusing her.

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When opposed, the accused summoned his nephew Bhole and started assaulting him. Lakhan picked up a wooden slab and hit him on the head. Blood started coming out of the head. When the wife heard the quarrel, she also came out. During this, the accused also assaulted his wife Asha and both of them went on the charge saying that if they dispute with them later today, they will kill. Police is searching for the accused.

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