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Industries of Indore: The system of treatment of contaminated water became a problem, the dirt flowing on the roads of the industrial area

Industries of Indore: The system of treatment of contaminated water became a problem, the dirt flowing on the roads of the industrial area

Publish Date: | Sat, 08 Jan 08: 100 AM (IST)

Industries of Indore: Uday Pratap Singh, Indore. Common Effluent Treatment Plant has been set up here by the corporation to treat chemical-rich and sewerage water coming out of industries operating in Sanwer Road industrial area, but dirty water keeps overflowing from the sewerage pipeline and chambers that deliver water to the plant. . Due to this, the employees of the industries and other people are troubled. The operators of the industries say that the sewerage line is not cleaned properly by the Municipal Corporation. Due to the small size of the pipelines that have been laid, the dirty water overflows, while the officials of the corporation say that some plastic industries in the Saver Road area also discharge pieces of water along with the dirty water. Due to this the sewerage line gets choked. Industry operators and municipal officials are avoiding responsibility by making allegations and counter-allegations against each other.

Four new projects have been set up for the convenience of the industries here in the year 2019 by spending crores of rupees. Even after having a common effluent treatment plant of MLD capacity, the overflowing sewerage chamber and dirty water on the roads of the industrial area raise questions on this entire system. Presently in B, C, E and F sector of Sanwer Road Industrial Area, about 57 Water is transported to the Effluent Treatment Plant through a sewerage pipeline laid in kilometer portion. Due to lack of pipeline in A, D sector and Kumhedi, Bardari area, the industries here are to 57 through tankers Water is being delivered from to the plant. The corporation has planned to lay pipeline in some parts of A, D and C sectors, but due to non-removal of encroachments in this area, the work of laying the line could not be started. ,

At a Glance

– Common Effluent Treatment Plant of 4 MLD capacity has been installed In Sanwer Industrial Area

– Kilometer long sewerage pipeline has been laid

-72 Only the industries got flow meters installed

Pipeline to be laid in Sanwer Road industrial area

Sector A- 17 KM



Till now only 57 flow meters have been installed in industries

near Sanwer Road Industrial Area 320 Industries discharge the contaminated water to the Common Effluent Treatment Plant. In these too, there is a provision for industries with harmful chemicals to first treat their contaminated water in a treated water plant installed in their industrial premises and release it into the corporation’s pipeline. Corporation and Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board have made it mandatory for all industries to install flow meters on their dirty water drainage pipeline. The reality is that so far only 100 industries have installed flow meters.

This is the reason why the MP Pollution Control Board is given an estimate of the amount of water shed by municipal industries after consumption of water. On the basis of the same, the corporation collects fees from the industries. Industries will have to pay for the amount of contaminated water they extract due to the installation of flow meters. Right now the industries have to pay at the rate of Rs. per kilo litre.

Problem of industrialists

Six inches in industrial area by Municipal Corporation Sewer line has been laid. Because of this, sewerage chambers overflow at many places in industrial areas and dirty water flows on the road. Regular cleaning of these pipelines is also not done by the corporation.

– Yogesh Mehta, President Association of Industry MP

Plan to lay pipeline in Sectors A, D and C is approved. After removing the illegal constructions obstructing its path, the corporation will soon start laying the pipeline. The industries themselves have to install flow meters on the contaminated water drainage pipeline of their plants. Those industries where meters are installed, they are being charged accordingly.

-RS Deora, Engineer, Sewerage Project Corporation

Municipal Corporation The sewerage pipe lines of the industrial area are cleaned from time to time. A roster has also been made for this. There are some plastic recycling industries in this area, which discharge plastic pieces along with water into the sewerage line. Due to this the sewerage line gets choked. This causes problems. Penalty action has also been taken on some industries which have done so in the past.

– Narendra Kuril, Zonal Officer, Zone No.

Posted By: Sameer Deshpande

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