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Jabalpur News: Online songs recited on loved ones

Jabalpur News: Online songs recited on loved ones


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. The 25th online event was organized by the organization. This is proving to be a positive initiative to entertain during the corona. In which people are exhibiting their art by being part of online events and are able to keep themselves happy.

The program is quite effective in removing stress and fear: These programs are proving to be very effective in removing the stress and fear of the people. In this event, the participants sang songs to their families. The event started with Saraswati Vandana presented by Dr. Pratibha Patel with the guidance and best wishes of Engineer Vinod Nayan. Giving the best wishes, Vinod Nayan said-

Daan Pak is important in my eyes,

It is important to be clear about the matter,

We are all high but you

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First the prayers of parents are necessary.

Along with this, the distinguished hospitality of Pramod Tiwari Muni, headed by MP Kori, Kavita Rai, Taruna Khare, Vinita Vidhi, Prabha Bachchan, Dr. Anil Corey, Nirmala Dongre, Sushma Khare, Anjusha Tiwari, Mithilesh Budganya, Krishna Rajput, Rajni Kothari Rajni, Chanda Devi Swarnakar, Manisha Soni, Ganesh, Manorama Flute, Alka Patel, Dr. Bhavna Dixit, Dr. Salma Jamal, Manohar Chaube Akash, Madan Srivastava, Manju Gore read their Saras compositions. All presented beautiful creations for their families on this occasion. All of whom enjoyed and said that such programs should be organized further. Dr Muku Tiwari, the conductor, and Dr Ranu Ruhi, the secretary, edited the ceremony and the gratitude was expressed by Manju Gore.