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Khandwa News: 10-year-old boy beats Corona despite 40 percent oxygen saturation

Khandwa News: 10-year-old boy beats Corona despite 40 percent oxygen saturation


Khandwa News: Khandwa (AboutGyan Representative). The health department is preparing separate wards and treatment for the children due to the third wave of Kovid being fatal to children and severely infected children in the current variant. Meanwhile, it was believed to be a knock of infection in children when a possible ten-year-old corona in the district came into being. Due to this, treatment was started by recruiting the child to the Kovid ward. Due to the efforts of medical college doctors staying on oxygen support for 15 days, the child returned to his home on Tuesday. The child’s relatives have thanked the hospital management and the doctors.

On May 16, ten-year-old Piyush son Ajay, a resident of village Ahmedpur Khaigaon, was admitted to the medical college’s Kovid Care Center due to ill health. During this time, his condition was not good. Oxygen saturation was 70 percent with cold, cold, cough and about 60 percent infection in the lungs. Which came down sharply to 40 percent.

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Corona report negative but due to infection, the child was treated by Dr. Pramila Verma, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Medical College, Dr. Garima Agarwal, Dr. Nandani Dixit, admitted to the ICU and placed on a BiPep machine. After nine days in ICU, Piyush is now healthy. On Tuesday, she was discharged from the Covid Care Center.

During this, Dr. Sunil Bajoria, pediatrician Dr. Bhushan Bande was present. Piyush’s father Sanjay Patel said that by encouraging the doctors and nursing staff, they kept on encouraging them that your child would go well. Piyush is recuperated by his conviction and freshness. I cannot express my gratitude to the doctor and staff here. It is noteworthy that in the second wave of Corona in the district, 15 children have come positive. All were treated at home isolation but Piyush was the first patient who had to be placed in Kovid ICU.