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Mobile information of every patient admitted in medical college will be available on mobile

Mobile information of every patient admitted in medical college will be available on mobile


Ratlam (AboutGyan representative). In the corona period, all the information from patients admitted to treatment and discharge will now be available on mobile. For this, a software team of software engineers has prepared a software under the guidance of Siddharth Kashyap and Shravan Kashyap, sons of city MLA Chetanya Kashyap. Its presentation was shown to Collector Kumar Purushottam and other officials from Mumbai.

MLA Kashyap said that there were constant reports of distress among the family members regarding the health information of the patients being treated in the hospital of the medical college. This software and web app has been designed to remove this problem and to make every patient’s information easily accessible to the family. It will also have information about the patients admitted to the hospital of the medical college as well as the corona patients living in home isolation. According to the software, every condition of the patient will be updated from admission to discharge in the hospital. At the time of making the admission, on the mobile number entered, the patient will be able to see the level of oxygen, treatment information and investigation reports on his phone continuously through the web app. There will be a computer system on every floor of the hospital. Through this, the information of every patient will be updated three times a day according to his bed number. The ID will be created as soon as the patient is admitted to the medical college and the health information will be updated on it in three to four hours. The family members of the patient will be able to get the status of the last three times on the mobile. Similarly, patients living in home isolation will update the status of oxygen fever etc. on their phones, which will be received by the control room. The presentation of this software and web app was seen by Collector Kumar Purushottam sitting in the NIC Room of the Collectorate. During this, Deputy Collector Shirali Jain, Dr. Pramod Prajapati, Dr. Gaurav Boriwal and other officials were present.