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On the first day, hundred youths will be vaccinated

On the first day, hundred youths will be vaccinated


Dhar (Nai Duniya Rep.). There are about 10 lakh youth in the age group of 18 to 45 years. These youth are currently enthusiastic about vaccination, but the concern is that the availability of vaccines at the district level is very weak. This can be gauged from the fact that the total number of vaccines available is only three thousand. Out of this, only 100 vaccines are available for the youth level vaccination program to be started on May 5. That too is to be put in government higher secondary school no. 2 of Dhar only. The availability of only 100 vaccines can be estimated as to what kind of situation will occur. In such a situation, it is difficult to overcome the great challenge of corona infection.

There is already a lack of awareness about vaccination in the district. Consequently, conducting vaccination camps also does not yield much success. 40 to 50% of people are getting vaccinated. However, a large number of people have been vaccinated in the district so far. A very disappointing situation has emerged for the vaccination of the youth from May 5. About 10 lakh youth are to be vaccinated. The district has the largest youth population in the country. We do not have enough vaccines to vaccinate them. If adequate vaccine doses are available, rapid work may occur. According to a rough estimate, more than 50 thousand youths have got themselves registered in the district. These youth are inquiring as to when and where the vaccination will take place. In this regard, official sources of the vaccination department say that vaccine doses are yet to be received for vaccination. Currently around 3000 doses are available. Under it, vaccination will be done only at Dhar Government Higher Secondary School No. 2 Ghoda Chowpatty. Vaccination of only 100 people will be arranged on this day. Until adequate vaccines are available for the youth. Till then it is not possible to get simultaneous vaccination. It is believed that vaccination formalities will be done only on 5 May.

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Immunization officer again relieved

Here, a strange situation is being created about the services of Dr. Narendra Powaiya, who is working as District Immunization Officer. Last month, he was transferred to Sondwa in Alirajpur. After that when he went to the court in this case, he was again entrusted with the responsibility of the District Immunization Officer. Along with this, the responsibility of sampling was also entrusted. Apart from that, he was also entrusted with the responsibility of delivering maternity women. Served eight women in delivery in the last three days. He started taking the vaccination plan forward by assuming his assignment. Once again, he has been unilaterally relieved from Bhopal on Tuesday. Such action may affect the vaccination system of the district. It was observed that the vaccination action was affected after he went to Sondwa. On the other hand, due to repeated transfers during the corona transition period, there is definitely a problem. Under these circumstances, many times government officials leave important jobs and go to private dispensaries. Ajay Sharma of the social organization said that at this time no justification for transfer is understandable. While all the arrangements are going smoothly.