Onion In Iockdown Indore: 3 thousand tons of onions of farmers imprisoned in lockdown were lying under trees in the fields and getting damaged in the warehouse


Jitendra Yadav, Indore Onion In Iockdown Indore. The corona epidemic reached the villages, not only closed the mandis of the cities, but also broke the back of many farmers financially. A hallmark of the situation is being seen in Indore district, where 3,000 tonnes of onions of farmers have been imprisoned in the village and farm godowns or in the open during the lockdown. In some village, onions are kept under the trees in the field and somewhere it is getting spoiled in the godowns. Farmers are trying to keep the onion in good condition by giving air in their house warehouse with an electric fan so that it does not rot.

In the midst of such a situation, the farmers of the Indian Farmers Association and the Potato-Onion Growers Association have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Subhash Patidar of Potato-Onion Growers Association says that we have told the Prime Minister that this year a large number of farmers and their families have died in the epidemic despite treatment. In many families, only the earning head left the world. On the other hand, due to non-availability of goods in the lockdown, the potato-onion houses and godowns of the farmers are lying. In such a situation, the central government should open the way for export of potato-onion and other agricultural products produced in the country to neighboring countries. Rambabu, a farmer of Pipri village in Mhow area, says that onions have been stored in the godown with special technology. Onion is being kept safe by running exhaust fans in the godown. Our onions are very good in quality, so the traders of Delhi buy and send them abroad. But due to the lockdown, not only Indore, Delhi’s market is also closed. Ashok Verma, a farmer of Hasalpur village, tells that the farmer’s onion is lying in the house or field and the pocket is completely empty. In the lockdown, if you sell goods at the pleasure of a trader, then they do not give a price. Monsoon is about to come. Need money to prepare for the next crop, from where? On the other hand, Omprakash Garg, president of the Potato-Onion Commission Agent Association of Choithram Mandi, Indore, says that a lot of potatoes and onions of the farmers are stuck. We also want the market to be operational, but due to the hot spot of Corona, the administration has not yet given permission to open the market. In view of Corona, the business organizations have given a guideline to the administration on their behalf that if the market opens, we will follow the Kovid protocol completely.

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