The enthusiasm of those who got the vaccine showed on the second day too


Mhow (Representative of New Zealand). Due to the efforts of the administration and the awareness of the citizens, now the number of people getting the vaccine is increasing rapidly. A large number of citizens are coming from vehicles to get the vaccine in the Drive-in Vaccination Center at Dussehra ground. Apart from this, the enthusiasm of those getting the vaccine at other centers remains intact.

On Saturday, 8003 citizens got the vaccine in Mhow tehsil. On the second day on Saturday at the Dussehra ground, there was great enthusiasm. Here 993 citizens out of one thousand got the vaccine. Those who got the vaccine had come and stood in the vehicles since nine o’clock in the morning. Apart from the Dussehra ground, there was a huge crowd of people getting the vaccine at other centers as well. In the Government High School of Dharnaka, there was enthusiasm among those who got the vaccine and those who got the test done. There was a queue of youth in large numbers till two o’clock in the afternoon.

volunteers served

On Saturday, volunteers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Mhow Nagar unit went to the Vaccination Center located at Dussehra ground and provided services. At 10 in the morning, the volunteers reached the Drive-in Vaccination Center at Dussehra ground where the line of vehicles was chaotic, which was organized by the volunteers. Due to which citizens started going one after the other without any problem to get the vaccine. Apart from this, proper information regarding the vaccine was also given to the people by the volunteers.

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Sheetal Chauhan became the first winner

Uphaar scheme was launched by Path India and Mewara Hospital to promote vaccination. Under this scheme, prizes will be given to the winners by taking out a lucky draw every day. The first prize in the scheme was given to Sheetal Chauhan on Saturday. Sheetal Chauhan was presented a gift by the members of Path India Group.

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