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The mercury reached beyond 43, people were suffering due to heat stroke

The mercury reached beyond 43, people were suffering due to heat stroke

Publish Date: | Wed, 12 Apr : AM (IST)

SAGAR (Navdunia representative). As April is passing, the heat of the sun is also increasing. On Tuesday, the mercury reached beyond 43. This is the highest temperature of the season so far. Loo starts from morning 11 Due to which the public has become miserable. After two days of softness, the sun showed a scorching heat on Thursday. During this, where the mercury reached beyond 43 degrees, the night mercury also 25 degrees Celsius have been reached.

According to the Meteorological Department in the morning . the mercury was beyond 40 degrees. At the same time, due to the strong sun and heat, the roads became deserted in the afternoon. During this, there was silence in the markets as well. People came out of their homes with their faces tied to avoid the heat. People had put towels on their heads, glasses in their eyes to avoid strong sunlight, but even these measures were proving to be insufficient. Apart from people, animals and birds were also suffering from the scorching heat. School holiday at noon 12 When he reached home drenched in sweat in the midst of the heat. At the same time, the Health Department has instructed people to take precautions due to the heat wave. According to Dr. Umesh Patel of BMC, this water comes out fast in the form of sweat in summer. To accomplish this, keep drinking water continuously. Do keep a water bottle with you. Lack of water can lead to the problem of dehydration. Use cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumber for lack of water and food in the body. Keep children and elderly people at home as far as possible. 8. -31.6

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