Unlock Bhopal: After 60 days, if the open market is strict, then there is negligence


Unlock Bhopal : Bhopal (Navdunia representative). The markets of Bhopal have fully opened from Thursday. After 60 days a situation has arisen when the entire market is open. However, swimming pools, gyms, cinema halls and malls are still closed. Hair cutting salons have also opened from Thursday. However, the district administration has given clear instructions that full care will have to be taken to protect against corona in the salon. Customers will not be made to wait. One chair will be kept vacant between two chairs. On the other hand, after the opening of the entire market, there was a glow on the faces of the traders, but in many shops the negligence of the traders was also seen at some places. The customers were seen standing close by even after there was a circle outside the shops in the market.

The district administration has said that only those shops will be able to open in which the employees have been fully vaccinated. So some shopkeepers got the vaccine done on Thursday morning as well. The market was opened for vaccination on Wednesday as well. Bhopal’s in-charge and Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said on Thursday that ‘get the vaccine, open the market’" slogan given. Traders who will not get vaccination will not be allowed to open the shop. He also said that some workers of NGOs have also been deployed in the market who will explain to the people about the prevention of corona.

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Traders said that the subscription on Thursday was very less as compared to normal days. He hopes that customers will increase when the fear of Corona subsides.

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