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World family day 2021: With increased feelings towards each other, now society is taking the form of family

World family day 2021: With increased feelings towards each other, now society is taking the form of family


Jabalpur, Newduniya Reporter World family day. In any adverse situation, the family has the greatest strength and strength. Something similar is seen in the Corona era. Where family members are coming closer to each other, people of the neighborhood, neighborhood, colony and society are also expressing condolences to each other. Due to which the society is bound together as a family. Today on World Family Day, let us know how Corona has changed the concept of family with members of some families and sociologists of the city, and we are moving towards the concept of Vasudhaivakutumbank.

Very happy to be together Sociologist and retired head of the department Raduvvi Dr. CS SS Thakur said that both positive and negative effects are being seen in the society. Initially, when the lockdown took place, the family members were very happy to be with each other. But now that this environment has greatly affected the daily routine of the people, its negative results are also coming out. Families are disintegrating at some places. This environment is not particularly affecting the children. On the contrary, it is also seen that people are moving out of their families to help the needy people. Expressing condolences In fact, this sense of belongingness of Indian people helps them to overcome every problem. Something similar has been seen in the Corona era. Where the pain of the whole society is the pain of all. This is really family.

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Along with the family gave great courage: Shivendra Parihar told that he is a joint family. All people live together. Especially in the Corona era, the family has given a lot of courage. Whenever a negative thing is known. All encourage each other. Never let anyone be lonely or disappointed.

Not the least boredom: Dr. Shipra Suller told that they too have a joint family. They feel that people have understood the importance of family in this difficult time. Those who have only two people living in their house, they call and say that in such a time there should be more people in the family. There is no boredom in the least. Doesn’t seem lonely. Maya Sinha says that even though there are four people in the family, if they are living together at the moment, then half the problem is solved in this way. At least there is no worry. That is why we called our son-daughter-in-law who was living in Poona for a job. So that we can live together.