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Why do you have to go to jail unnecessarily from the house in Corona curfew

Why do you have to go to jail unnecessarily from the house in Corona curfew


Khandwa (AboutGyan representative). Where are you going from the bike side… You do not know the Corona curfew is in place. You have to go to jail without leaving home without reason. Send them to temporary jail after filling the bond over….

On Thursday, Moghat police station in-charge BL Atode taught a lesson to those who roamed the market without showing similar attitude. The action on Padwa and Moghat Road since morning caused a stir among the drivers. Seeing the police team deployed on the road from far away, many drivers changed the way and some got caught. Police stopped at about 30 such drivers who could not give any concrete reason for leaving the house.

If someone made an excuse to know the condition of the hospitalized family, then someone started trying to avoid the action by asking to go to the medicine. TI Atode and his team caught the lies of such people and sent them to temporary jail directly while taking a bond over action to teach a lesson. Special vehicles were called for sending them to the temporary jail located on the police line. Bond stands were overloaded one after the other in the Moghat police station premises after standing two yards away. During this time, the driver was seen pleading to avoid action. Someone said that now there will be no mistake, then someone started trying to show their reach, but no one made excuses in front of the police. This is considered to be the biggest action taken by the Moghat police on the needless wanderers in the market.

People are not following the corona curfew: Despite the constant meeting of corona infection patients in the city, negligence is being seen among the people. In the early stages of imposition of Corona curfew, the roads were deserted, but after a few days, people are coming out on the streets with excuses, including taking vegetables, sometimes taking medicines from medical. Vehicle movement on the roads starts from the morning. Although there is silence on the roads due to the intense sunlight in the afternoon, but after 5 pm, the main roads start to look bright. People are not following the Corona curfew despite police being deployed at the intersections and frequent challaning action.