Burhanpur Station: Gorakhpur-Mumbai train caught fire due to sticking of brake shoe to the wheel


Burhanpur Station: Burhanpur (AboutGyan Representative). A coach of passenger train number 02104 running from Gorakhpur to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus caught fire before Burhanpur station on Tuesday night. Railway personnel extinguished the fire by stopping the train at Burhanpur station. Due to this, the train stood at the station for about half an hour and there was chaos among the passengers.

Station Manager Vinay Mehta said that the incident occurred due to the brake shoe sticking to the wheel of the D-2 coach of the train. According to him, the shoe made of fiber is usually separated from the wheel upon leaving the brake, but sometimes it is not able to separate from the wheel, due to which such incidents occur.

He said that the incident has also been reported to senior officers of Bhusaval Railway Division. However, there have been no casualties and no damage to the train in this incident. According to Mehta, a passenger saw the fire near the first wheel from Burhanpur station and immediately reported it to the guard. The guard informed the loco pilot and Burhanpur station. Before the arrival of the train, the railway officials and staff had reached Burhanpur station with complete preparation. The fire brigade was also called from the Municipal Corporation, but the fire was controlled by the fire fighting apparatus located near the station and guards. The train departed after thorough investigation.

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