Indore News: Two patients were not given special improvement in MRTB, a cocktail drug given to Trump


Indore, NewDuniya Representative Indore News. The cocktail drug (monoclonal antibodies) given to former US President Donald Trump was given to two Kovid infected patients admitted to the MRTB hospital in Indore. According to the doctors treating the patients, both patients did not see much successful results of this injection.

According to Dr. Deepak Bansal, doctor of MRTB Hospital, two Kovid patients aged 40 and 45 were admitted to MRTB Hospital on Wednesday with monoclonal anti body drugs. These two patients were hospitalized for the last five to seven days and their oxygen level was around 90. They have to give 70 to 80 percent oxygen. These two patients were given dose of cacyrvimeb and iagivimeb injection via saline.

According to Dr. Bansal, in the study so far, it is said that it gives positive results when given to the patient at the early stage. It is advisable to give steroid to the Kovid patient instead of injecting it so expensive at the early stage. Now if a patient of diabetes who comes to the hospital at the early stage of Kovid infection and we are unable to give him steroid due to sugar, then such patient will see the results by giving this injection.

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District TB officer given the responsibility of RRT Nodal Officer

The responsibility of the officers was changed by the Health Department on Thursday from the point of view of administrative convenience. So far, Dr. Anil Dongre, who is looking after the responsibility of Radhaswamy Kovid Care Center with RRT and Contact Tracing Incharge, has been relieved of contract tracing incharge and RRT, and the responsibility has been given to District TB Officer, Dr. Rahul Srivaswat. Significantly, due to Dr. Dongre being given charge of the control room as well as the Radhaswami Kovid Care Center, it became difficult for him to handle the arrangements at both the places. Due to continuous increase in the number of patients in the Kovid Care Center, they were given the responsibility to look into the arrangements here.

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