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Coronavirus Bhopal alert: funeral of 1669 corona patient 122 infected body found in Bhopal on Sunday

Coronavirus Bhopal alert: funeral of 1669 corona patient 122 infected body found in Bhopal on Sunday


Bhopal, Navdunia Representative, Coronavirus Bhopal alert:. In the last three-four days in the capital Bhopal, there has been some relief for the corona infection, but it is a matter of concern that the number of corona-infected patients is still more than 1500 every day. In the same sequence, 1669 new infected patients have been found in Bhopal on Sunday. These patients have come out in the investigation report of 6700 samples taken the previous day. In this way, the rate of getting infected patients has reached 25 percent in the city. It has been a matter of relief that on Sunday, 1939 infected patients have gone home after beating Corona.

The body of 122 infected patients was cremated in the capital on Sunday under the Kovid protocol. Of this, maximum 70 dead bodies were cremated at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat. Of this, 47 were from other districts and 23 infected bodies were from Bhopal district. Similarly, cremation of 33 infected bodies was done at Subhash Nagar Vishram Ghat and eight at Bairagarh Vishram Ghat. At the same time, 11 infected dead bodies were handed over in Jhada graveyard. However, according to official records, 12 people died due to corona infection in Bhopal on Sunday.

Coronavirus Bhopal News: A matter of relief … In Bhopal, the number of healthy people is more than the number of new infections in the last one week.

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Number of active patients is decreasing in the state

However, it is also a matter of relief that the rate of recovery is increasing in the state as compared to corona positive cases. On 23 April, the rate of recovery of the infected was 80.41 percent, which increased to 84.19 percent on Sunday. Madhya Pradesh is now at number 14 in the country in terms of active corona cases. The rate of defeat of corona is higher in 26 districts of the state as compared to new positive cases.