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Dengue in Bhopal: Claim of larva survey in dengue affected house in 24 hours, while team is not reaching even after 3-4 days

Dengue in Bhopal: Claim of larva survey in dengue affected house in 24 hours, while team is not reaching even after 3-4 days

Publish Date: | Wed, 29 Sep 400 01: 29 PM (IST)

Dengue in Bhopal: Bhopal (Navduniya representative). Dengue infection is increasing in the city. A major reason for this is the negligence of the Health Department and the Municipal Corporation. The condition is that the larva survey is not being done in the house of the patients who have got dengue, while it has been three-four days for them to get infected. On the other hand, the Health Department is claiming that if a dengue patient is found 01 The larval survey is carried out within an hour. If there is no prevention, the infection is sure to increase. In the month of September 257 patients have been found in Bhopal, despite this this is the situation.


living of Bhim Nagar Shivendra Mishra, who had fever, got him examined at JP Hospital. Here 25 his dengue test report came positive on September. Since then he is being treated at Jaypee Hospital. His mother Sangeeta Mishra told that so far no team has reached her to conduct larval survey or smoke. His house is in a dense settlement, due to which there is a danger of infecting others.


resident of Govindpura Suraj Shakya was affected by dengue on Friday. He was admitted to Jaypee Hospital due to high fever. His mother Ombati Shakya told that even after four days, neither the health department team nor the municipal corporation has reached him. On the advice of the people, he himself cleaned his house and changed the old water filled in the utensils.

so urgently it is necessary to conduct larval survey

– The Aedes mosquito 257 that spreads Dengue and Chikungunya can fly up to a meter. In such a situation, if the infected mosquito is not destroyed quickly, then it can infect hundreds of people around.

— If the mosquito is not killed, it will produce thousands more infected mosquitoes.

– If infected larvae are not destroyed, they produce infected mosquitoes, which can spread dengue.

Health Department and Municipal Corporation teams are continuously surveying. Many times no one is found in the patient’s house, so the teams return. The smoke is being done from the side of the Municipal Corporation outside the house. People are also being asked to identify the larvae in the house and destroy them themselves.

– Dr. Prabhakar Tiwari, CMHO, Bhopal

20 Sample check, Not a single patient was found

of dengue in Bhopal on Tuesday 20 Samples of suspected patients were examined, but not a single infected one has been found. Earlier on Monday 49 three patients were found in the test of the sample. Last week the number of suspected patients had reached above 257. In this context, both the patient and the infected are getting less.

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