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Dhar Weather Update: Cold wave in Malwa due to north winds, chills started in the evening and morning

Dhar Weather Update: Cold wave in Malwa due to north winds, chills started in the evening and morning

Dhar Weather Update: Dhar (New World Representative). The period of cold wave has started in the district. Cold winds are blowing in North India. Its effect is being seen in the plains of Malwa. Where the maximum temperature on Thursday was around 10.5 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature 10 degree Celsius. For the last few years, there was very little cold in the district in November. The effect of better rains this time is that it has started getting severe winter in November itself. However, the minimum temperature is still above 10 degree Celsius. That’s why people are relieved.

Chilling has started increasing

In Malvanchal there is still some speed in the sun during the day. People have started getting chills in the evening and morning. In such a situation, the health of the people has also been affected. This is the reason why the number of outpatients is increasing daily in the district hospital. Here on an average from to 582 per day OPD is there whereas now the number of OPDs for cold and flu has reached above 95. In this way the number of OPDs has also increased. The patients of meteorological diseases are also increasing. The maximum temperature on Thursday was 10.5 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature was .6 degree Celsius while 1 day ago the maximum temperature was 26 degree Celsius then the minimum temperature was 95 .8°C. Due to this, the period of decline in both minimum and maximum temperatures continues. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the outbreak of cold wave will increase rapidly in the next four-five days at the district headquarters. Due to the cold winds coming from North India, severe winter is also expected in Malwa. The minimum temperature is expected to remain below 50 degree Celsius.

Fog remains in the morning

Fog remained in the surrounding areas including the district headquarters on Thursday morning. Because of this the visibility remained low. The drivers had to face trouble in the morning. Although the fog had ended after 7 in the morning. According to the Meteorological Department, there will be dense fog in the coming times. At the same time, there will be a decrease in visibility for the drivers due to dense fog. That’s why expert Vinod Dongle has said that drivers should take special care of visibility. Due to this road accidents happen. Drive the vehicle controlling the speed by lighting the lights of the vehicle in the morning.

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