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Farmers are not getting the price of gram, there is a jump in gram pulses

Farmers are not getting the price of gram, there is a jump in gram pulses


Vidisha. In the last fortnight, the prices of gram have come down by up to one thousand rupees, but the prices of chana dal are touching the sky. Chana was auctioned on Wednesday at Rs 4 thousand 500 per quintal during the auction in the market which started from Tuesday after the lockdown. While pulses are being sold for Rs 7 thousand 500 quintal.

Explain that during the lockdown, the prices of other items including grocery have increased significantly. The pulse, which is called the pride of the poor’s plate, has also come to a boil. The situation is that the price of chana dal has gone up by Rs 10 to 15 per kg in the last two months, which has surprised the fans of chana dal and gram flour products. While the price of gram has come down by Rs 1,000 per quintal. Farmer Sevakram Meena says that the administration should take action against the traders who buy gram from farmers in the market at half the price and sell them at more than one and a half times the price and farmers should get the right price for gram.

Pulses are being sold for Rs 75 per kg.

Even though gram is being bought at Rs 45 per kg in the market, gram dal is being sold at Rs 75 per kg in the market. Retail pulse traders say that they have got pulses at expensive prices during the lockdown. Due to which they have to sell them at expensive prices. Before the lockdown, gram dal was being sold for Rs 60 to 65 per kg. At that time the price of gram was 5 thousand 500 rupees per quintal. But now that the price of gram has come down, then the prices of pulses should also come down.

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loss to farmers

This year, 42 thousand 798 farmers had registered for selling gram on support price in the district, but in the month of March-April, farmers did not sell gram on support price due to good price of gram in the agricultural produce market. Only about 83 farmers have sold their gram produce at the centres. Meanwhile, the traders of the Agricultural Produce Market stopped the auction as soon as the cases of corona infection increased. The farmers expected that whenever the auction would start in the mandi, they would get the support price of gram more than Rs 5 thousand 100, but it did not happen. Even before the start of the auction in the mandi, there were reports of a fall in the prices of gram. At present, gram is being auctioned for up to Rs 4 thousand 500.