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Jabalpur News: Demand for action against profiteering drug dealers in Corona era

Jabalpur News: Demand for action against profiteering drug dealers in Corona era


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Representative. Bharatiya Janata Party youth leader Rahul Rohani and Youth Advocates Association President Ravindra Dutt have demanded action against profiteering drug dealers during the Corona period. Failure to do so has warned of a fierce movement. The shopkeepers who have filled the pockets in the name of Remedisivir injection should be investigated. Every complaint should be taken seriously. A list should be made of sellers selling medicines like Tabi Flu, Ivermactin etc. at a higher price.

The district administration should set up a team for this. The police should speed up the detection. Advocates Aman Jain, Prashant Nayak, Shachindra Raghuvanshi, Vishal Sonkar, Ayub Khan, Raj Bhardwaj, Ravi Aggarwal and others have pledged to run a grievance collection campaign under the leadership of Rahul Rohani and Ravindra Dutt. Under this, the problems faced during the process of treatment will be known to the families of people who have been infected with corona from door to door. The facts of the robbery in the name of medicine will be collected.

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Based on this, the movement strategy will be made. Apart from demanding concrete action against the other accused, including City Hospital Director Sarabjit Singh Mokha, there is a protest against the bail in the court. Now the search for other disturbing undertakings has also been started.

Cant board vice-president expressed opposition in meeting of defense committee: A meeting was held in the presence of the Cantt Board vice-president about the steps to be taken under the process of unlocking starting from June 1. The Cantt Board vice-president expressed opposition to some decisions at the Defense Committee meeting. A meeting of the Town Defense Committee was held at Swami Vivekananda School Katanga in the presence of Cantt Tehsildar Neha Jain, station in-charge Kent, former vice-chairman of Cantt Board Abhishek Chowkse Chintu, traders and public representatives of the cantonment area. Under the guidelines issued by the collector, a provision has been made to open a grocery store.

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Regarding this, the former vice chairman of the Cantt Board held its view and said that even when Corona was on the peak, the business has been conducted by the grocery traders from time to time by opening their shops. Small traders have suffered greatly from this. If only the grocery traders will be given exemption in the coming years also, then how will the other traders of Sadar run their own house? What will happen to the merchants who sell their goods by planting fruits and vegetables, tea and ferry in small carts?