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TB vehicle will travel one month in search of new patients

TB vehicle will travel one month in search of new patients


Ratlam (AboutGyan representative). The TB vehicle will travel for a month to search for new patients in the district. The train has come from Bhopal as part of the TB search campaign, which will run from city to village and identify and sample as many new TB patients as possible. This vehicle has the facility of x-ray and goblet testing on the spot. It started on Wednesday. On the first day, five potential patients were identified and a patient’s sample was examined. It is known that by 2024 the district is to be TB-free, for which a fast campaign is going on. Amidst the corona infection, the staff of the TB department is searching for patients from house to house with caution. Efforts are also being made from the government level not to brake on this campaign, so TB train has been made available.

Tuberculosis in-charge Dr. Yogesh Nikhara said that from our level the search for TB patients is going on even in the midst of corona infection. Regular medicines and treatment are also being given. The TB train has been provided in the same sequence, so that TB search operations are not hindered. With the arrival of this vehicle, potential patients will not have to come to the lab of the district hospital for examination. We are also giving expensive medicines to the patients free of cost according to the rule of the government.

Applications for food grain slips will be applied from today at the zone offices

Ratlam Application and necessary documents will be taken at the zone offices of the corporation for making food grains distribution temporary slip of the eligibility-less / deprived poor families. Corporation Commissioner Somnath Jharia said that 24 categories of families have been included in the eligibility category. For making temporary slip for poor families during the lockdown period in the corona transition, the corporation’s zone number one Alkapuri Community Hall, zone number two Ambedkar Manglik Bhavan Pologround, zone three Amrit Sagar Udyan Bhawan and zone four Harmala Sampvel Bhavan appointed from eight o’clock in the morning Applications will be taken by officers and employees. The application for the beneficiaries has been arranged at the zone offices.