Gwalior Crime News: A youth who came to buy clothes was caught on CCTV camera stealing mobile


Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. The customer who came to Sadar Bazar to buy clothes disappeared after picking up his mobile from the counter. The incident of mobile theft is of Sandeep Pathak’s clothes shop on Tuesday afternoon. The youth who stole the mobile has been caught in the CCTV camera. Police are trying to identify the mobile thief from the footage.

Sandeep Pathak, a resident of Bhagwati Colony in Murar, has a clothing store. The shops on the side of Sandeep’s side were open on Tuesday. In the afternoon a young man came. Sandeep started showing her clothes. The customer asked to show a particular type of dress. The shopkeeper went inside to pick out clothes matching the customer’s choice. During this, the shopkeeper left his mobile on the counter. When Sandeep brought out the clothes, he saw that the customer was missing. The mobile phone kept on the counter with the customer was also missing. The trader checked the recording of the CCTV camera installed in the shop. In which the youth was caught in the CCTV camera stealing the mobile. Murar police station has registered a case of theft against unknown thief.

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Two smackchi thieves caught in Darpan Colony, jewelery recovered Two youths who had stolen from the government quarters located in Darpan Colony were caught by the Thanipur police station. The accused Galla Kothar are said to be residents of Harnam’s Bajaria. On the lead of the accused, the police have also recovered gold and silver ornaments worth Rs 1.5 lakh. Police said that the accused are addicted to smack. Police is interrogating the accused in connection with other theft cases. Thattipur police station in-charge RBS Vimal said that on May 4 in Darpan Colony, thieves broke the locks of the government quarters and stole gold and silver ornaments and other items. Police got information that Smackchi living in Galla Kothar and Harnam ki Bajaria were trying to mortgage and sell gold and silver ornaments. While their financial condition is not good. On the basis of suspicion, both the youths were brought to the police station for questioning. The accused confessed to stealing from Darpan Colony H-64 quarters.

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