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Gwalior seasonal diseases News: 60 percent of patients in Gwalior complain of cough and fever

Gwalior seasonal diseases News: 60 percent of patients in Gwalior complain of cough and fever

Publish Date: | Wed, Mar Mp 15: 50 AM (IST)

Gwalior seasonal diseases News: Gwalior.Naiduniya Representative

. People are reaching the OPD of Jayarogya Hospital with cough, fever and breathing problems. Dr. Vijay Garg of Medicine says that almost 60 percent patients are coming to the OPD with complaints of cough and fever. Those who are suffering from phlegm cough which is getting cured in a long time. Due to accumulation of phlegm in the windpipe, they have difficulty in breathing. Although this disease is also being cured by medicines, fever goes away in three to five days and cough is taking some time. People with phlegm cough and fever are reaching the hospital for treatment.

Due to phlegm patients are also having difficulty in breathing. Even small children have to be recruited. Doctors are telling this problem due to virus. But it has not been confirmed yet that which virus is making people sick fast. But according to the news coming from all over the country, the reason for this is being told to the influenza virus. But its confirmation has not yet been done in Gwalior. Because the facility to test for influenza virus is available in private labs and the microbiology lab of the medical college. But the test kit is not available at the microbiology lab and the test fee at the private lab is Rs. That’s why patients are shying away from getting tested at private labs.

However, the in-charge of Microbiology Lab says that testing will be started as soon as the kit is available. The problem of vomiting, diarrhea, cough, difficulty in breathing and fever has increased rapidly. Pediatrician Dr. Satvik Bansal says that about 4 to 5 percent children have to be admitted and given treatment. Influenza virus may be a complication. But it is not confirmed yet. Dr. Ajay Gaur, Head of the Department of Paediatrics, says that a demand has been made to the college management to test for influenza virus. If its investigation starts then it will be easy to give treatment to the patient.

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