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Hundreds of lives in danger due to the insistence not to break the old bridge

Hundreds of lives in danger due to the insistence not to break the old bridge


Bhanpura (AboutGyan News). A culvert is quite narrow on the road leading from Gandhisagar-Bhanpura main road towards village Kanwala. The road has also deteriorated on both sides of it. This always poses a risk of accident. After the promotion of Mini Goa of Kanwala, now the traffic on this route has increased. It is being told that after the tender of two crore new bridge in place of this narrow culvert, the contractor company also came to the spot. But due to the objections of the villagers and public representatives, its work could not be started. Now the matter has reached the collector’s place, only his decision will pave the way for the construction of a new bridge here.

It is about 70 years old and narrow culvert located on Kanwala Marg. Which has been declared damaged as per the rules of the government. The Prime Minister’s Rural Road Development Authority has also approved the issue of tender for a new bridge in place of this culvert at a cost of Rs 2 crore. But the bridge could not be built due to the objection of some villagers of Kanwala and surrounding area. The plan of the department was to break the old culvert and build a new bridge and some public representatives and villagers want that the old culvert should also remain and a new bridge should be built near it. But due to this dispute, the contractor company that came from Gujarat went away with its goods. Here in Kanwala, hundreds of vehicles are reaching to see the waves of the submerged area of ​​Gandhisagar and all of them are coming out from the narrow and damaged culvert. There are also potholes in the culvert. The erosion on the road on both sides has also become such that only one vehicle can pass at a time. People from more than a dozen villages travel through this route. The residents of the area say that a new bridge should be constructed in the interest of the region by forgetting the differences as soon as possible. Rural Bhagirath, Unkarlal said that the government should build a new bridge at the earliest. Kanwala’s head Chandrashekhar Bhatt said that the government should build a bridge on the government land near the old culvert. The old culvert is damaged and narrow. Accident can happen anytime.

Yashpal Joshi, General Manager, Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojna Mandsaur, said that the new bridge of 20 feet wide at a cost of two crores had also been tented. The demolition of the old culvert was prevented and the construction could not take place due to the situation of dispute. Now this matter is under consideration with Collector Mandsaur, from where something will happen only after the decision is taken.