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Indore News: Lockdown in city but increasing PM 10

Indore News: Lockdown in city but increasing PM 10


Indore, AboutGyan Representative, Indore News. The pollution in the city is not decreasing even after the lockdown. Air quality index, which has been less than the past few days, is now increasing again. The AQI of the city was reduced to 107 on Tuesday morning.

According to the information received, there has been a lockdown in the city for the past few days. Due to which only needy and permitted people are able to get out. Due to which the number of vehicles on the roads is also the lowest, but the climate of the city is not improving much. The first officers kept on giving the burnt straw a reason. Later, the authorities are giving the reason behind this to run the strong wind. According to AQI, the condition of PM 2.5 and other gases is under control, but PM 10 is continuously increasing. It has been up 100. Looking at the average of the past 24 hours, it has been 107 while its maximum level has gone up to 130 and the minimum has gone up to 85 during this period. At the same time, PM 2.5 had a maximum of 42 while the minimum was 16 and the average was reduced to 31.

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If the lockdown opens, the level will increase

Experts say that vehicles are running less now. Business activities are also negligible. In such a situation, the pollution level is so much, so when the lockdown opens, how much trouble will there be. At that time the level of pollution will increase significantly. The pollution level of the city is increasing since last November. However, earlier in the rainy season the pollution level of the city had improved.