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Jabalpur Accident News: In Jabalpur’s Gosalpur, two bike riders were killed and one injured due to the collision of the bulero.

Jabalpur Accident News: In Jabalpur’s Gosalpur, two bike riders were killed and one injured due to the collision of the bulero.


Jabalpur, New Dunia Rep. A speeding Bolero hit a bike near Barnu Tirahe in Gosalpur police station area. Two youths died in the accident. While one has received serious injuries. The police have started the action by establishing the route.

Police said that Rahul Chaudhary, a resident of Chhoti Padaria Pan Umaria Katni, had gone to Jujhari Gosalpur along with all the relatives in the marriage of his maternal uncle’s father-in-law’s son Bhola Chaudhary. His elder brother Deepak Chaudhary’s mother-in-law Gumta suddenly fainted on Sunday afternoon. For whom he and his father-in-law were going to Panagar with Ramsujan in an auto. His elder brother Deepak was walking in front of the auto with his brother-in-law Ramlal and uncle father-in-law Raju Chaudhary sitting on his bike. As soon as Barnu reached near the Tirahe, the speeding Bolero coming from the front hit Deepak’s bike. In the accident, Deepak, his brother-in-law and uncle-in-law fell on the ground and were seriously injured. Deepak Chaudhary and Ramlal Chaudhary died in the accident. At the same time, uncle father-in-law Raju Chaudhary has been admitted to the hospital in a serious condition.

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Trala entered by breaking the wall, two children injured after being buried in the rubble In Sihora police station area, the speeding trolley went uncontrollably and collided with the wall of a house. The accident was so horrific that the wall collapsed inside and two children inside the house were seriously injured after being buried under the rubble. Sihora police said that Mohla resident Bahorilal Kol told that he was sitting near his son-in-law Ganesh’s house at around 11 am on Sunday. Then the driver of the trolley came driving at high speed from the unpaved road going from Talakheda to Mohla and hit the son-in-law Ganesh’s house. Due to which the wall and door of the house broke and fell inwards. Under whose debris, grandson Raj Kol was buried for three years and granddaughter Ranu Kol for 10 years. On seeing this, the villagers reached the spot and helped Bahorlal by removing the debris and taking out Raj and Ranu and admitted them to the medical hospital. The trolley driver fled from the spot.