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Pollution indore: After 197 days the pollution level of the city came down to 60

Pollution indore: After 197 days the pollution level of the city came down to 60


Indore, Newduniya Representative, Pollution indore. Even after the Janata curfew, the pollution level of the city, which is going at a poor level, has finally come down after 197 days. On Monday, the city’s air quality index (AQI) was recorded at 59. Earlier, on October 17 last year, it was recorded 57. The climate improved after the rain in the city on Sunday. With this, AQI 59 was recorded at the real-time resolution monitoring station on the DIG office. Officials of Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board said that due to the construction work going on in front of the railway station, the pollution level of the city has been increasing for a long time.

After this, by burning stubble in the border areas by the farmers, its particles were spreading in the air, which was increasing pollution in the city. According to divisional officials, dust particles floating in the air sat down due to strong winds and light rain on Sunday. This reduced pollution. Apart from this, vehicles are also not running now. The climate has become cleaner than this. Last year there was a tremendous improvement in the climate of the city in the lockdown. The windmill, 35 km from Indore, was also visible from the overbridge of MR10.

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