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Remdesi veer Indore News: Two youths who blacklisted Remedesvir arrested

Remdesi veer Indore News: Two youths who blacklisted Remedesvir arrested


Indore, AboutGyan Representative, Remdesiveer Indore News. The crime branch has arrested two youths who have blackened Remedesivir injection. The youth used to deal with injections by finding customers on the internet media. The names of the accused are Tushar Soni resident Kaveri Nagar and Nitin Sharma resident Manushree Nagar.

As a customer, the crime branch made a deal for the injection and arrested the youth who came for the injection and handed it to the aerodrome police. According to police, one of the arrested youths is a student and the other is a cloth merchant. Both were trying to sell injections for 25 to 40 thousand rupees. However, the police have not yet told where the youth was from. Remadecivir injection is being supplied only in hospitals. In the past, the accused, who were caught in Lasudia on the charge of blackening the injection, also accused the police in the court that they were arrested by the police to save the hospitalists.

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