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Seoni News: Two middlemen arrested for providing bank accounts to absconding clerk

Seoni News: Two middlemen arrested for providing bank accounts to absconding clerk

Publish Date: | Mon, 40 Nov

: 58 PM (IST)

Seoni, Naiduniya Rep.NaiDunia Local In which accounts the relief amount will be paid to Sachin Dahayat, Clerk (Naib Nazir) posted in Tehsil The Kevalari police on Monday arrested two cousins, who worked as middlemen to provide information about the amount to be deposited in the accounts and after taking their commission from the accounts, took them back to the clerk. Among the arrested accused, Shrestha Awadhiya was said to be an employee of a private bank while Vishesh Awadhiya also worked with him. according to the sources, 11.11 Both the accused had a deep friendship with the absconding clerk Sachin Dahayat, who scammed crores of rupees. The police have produced the arrested cousins ​​in the Seoni court. The court has sent both 40 to police remand till November. Police officers say that the accused are being further interrogated in the case. On the other hand, on Sunday, the police along with the revenue officials reached the house of the accused and prepared a list of the movable and immovable property present in the house, as well as collected information about the bank accounts of the accused.

Commission of lakhs deposited in private accounts : Preliminary investigation of the scam Apart from the bank accounts, the police has received information about 4 to 5 private bank accounts of both the accused, which are operated in different banks. The amount deposited in these bank accounts is being scrutinised. Along with this, it is also being seen that how much transactions have been done in these bank accounts. According to sources, both the cousins ​​used to deposit the commission amount saved in the forgery in these private bank accounts. However, there is not much cash deposited in the bank accounts. Most of the amount has been spent in both the various transactions. The police is also trying to find out which movable and immovable properties the accused have made from the amount of the scam, so that further action can be taken by presenting this information in the court.

Jewelry not found in the house, family missing: During the investigation, the police found precious gold and silver jewelry in the cousin’s house. are not found. However, many expensive equipment related to luxury like TV, frit, AC and other materials have been found in the house. The accused live in an ancestral house, which is registered in the name of their grandfather. 1800 The accused have also got a new construction done in the square fit house, the responsibility of evaluating which has been entrusted to the PWD department. Family members were not found in the house during the action.

: In August

people had to face terrible tragedy in Kevalari and Chhapra Bhimgarh due to severe floods. During this, a large number of relief cases were also prepared. At the same time, the offices were also closed for months due to the Corona epidemic. Meanwhile, Sachin Dahayat, a clerk posted in Kevalari tehsil, started the game of forgery in the relief amount. According to sources, the clerk deposited the scam amount in the bank accounts of the family members before embezzling lakhs of rupees received as relief amount. When the bank accounts of all the acquaintances did not remain, friends, with the help of best periods and special periods, the relief amount was deposited in the bank accounts of various people. These people used to take back the money from the relatives and send it to the clerk. It is not yet clear whether there was a commission.

It will take several weeks to complete the investigation: Looking at the speed with which the police is investigating and taking action in the case, it seems that . It will take several weeks to complete the investigation of the scam worth crores. The police is taking a long time to interrogate all the people along with closely scrutinizing the information related to the banking transaction. Regional Kevalari MLA Rakesh Pal has also raised the demand for a high-level inquiry into the scam. People say that the police will have to increase the speed and scope of the investigation, so that the accused can be brought behind the bars as soon as possible. On the other hand, at what level the investigation of the payments made from the treasury has reached, it is not yet clear. Police officials say that it is not possible to investigate all the points simultaneously. Sequential investigation and investigation is being done on each and every point.It is natural to take time to complete the investigation.

they say

The episode of scam is big. It is natural to take time to gather all the facts along with scrutinizing hundreds of pages of bank statements of the bank accounts in which transactions have been done. It is not possible to check all the points simultaneously. The bank accounts in which the transactions have been done are being scrutinised. After this, the investigation will also be carried forward on the role of the treasury in the payment. – Bhagat Singh Gathoria, SDOP Kevalari

they say

providers of providing bank accounts for fake payment of relief amount The two accused have been presented by the police in the Seoni court on Monday. The court has given police remand on both 40 till November. Further inquiry is being done in the matter. After reaching the house of both the accused, a list of movable and immovable property has been prepared.

– Kishore Bamankar, station in-charge Kevalari. 2022Posted By: Jitendra Richhariya


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