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Jabalpur News: Enhanced value by promoting Bundeli-folk culture

Jabalpur News: Enhanced value by promoting Bundeli-folk culture


Jabalpur, AboutGyan Reporter. In the literature of Bundelkhand, with all kinds of worship, the creations of Veer Rasa were predominant. Bundeli Penetrating Late Lakshmi Sharma and Late. Maheshkishore Sharma did his important work in the promotion of the values ​​of Bundeli folk culture in the present period and maintained its importance. His works in Bundeli-Hindi have been commendable, which has increased the value of folk culture. This was stated by the guests at the prayer prayer seminar organized by the All India Bundelkhand Sahitya-Sanskriti Parishad. Which was organized in memory of Bundeli Hindi students Lakshmi Sharma and Mahesh Kishore Sharma. The seminar was presided over by senior litterateur Dr. Krishnakant Chaturvedi. Saraswat guest was Dr. Rajkumar Sumitra, Acharya Bhagwat Dubey, MahaMhopadhyay Dr. Harishankar Dubey.

Bundeli – Great damage to Hindi literature composition: Guests involved in this online event said that the departure of both is a big loss for Bundeli – Hindi literature creation. Already there is a shortage of people who compose in Bundeli. There will be more shortages now. The Sharma couple always impressed everyone not only with their writing but also with their behavior. Bundeli- He will always be remembered for his field of Hindi compositions. In the conduct of Rajesh Pathak Praveen and Santosh Nema Santosh, the works of Bundeli Vaibhav were presented with devotion and worship. The seminar included Prabha Vishwakarma Sheel, Rajendra Jain Ratan, Rajendra Mishra, Dr. Sandhya Jain Shruti, Manoj Shukla, Vijay Nema Anuj, Ashutosh Tiwari, Vinita Paigawar, Archana Dwivedi Gudalu, Kalidas Tamarkar, Ravindra Yadav, Tikamgarh, Dr. Asha Shrivastav, Pathak, Ram Vallabh Gupta Itarsi, Mithilesh Nayak, Prof. Aruna Pandey, Keylal Chakraborty Nirjhar, Dr. Vijay Tiwari Kisalaya worshiped Bhav pradhan poetry.

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