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Jabalpur News: The higher the testing, the sooner they will defeat Corona – Director ICMR

Jabalpur News: The higher the testing, the sooner they will defeat Corona – Director ICMR


Jabalpur (AboutGyan Reporter). 3T Testing, Tracking Tracing These are three weapons in battle with Kovid-19. Of which, the more we can test, the sooner we will defeat the corona. The timing of the RNA extraction machine given to us by Rotary Club Jabalpur South is very important. Today, with the introduction of this machine in our lab, we will be able to serve not only Jabalpur but also the people of the surrounding districts at a double speed and this will also increase our testing capacity and we will be able to give the results within the prescribed time limit. The important thing is that this machine will not only extract RNA from Kovid-19 virus but it will be the most important weapon in fighting any other virus for many years to come. This was said by ICMR Director Dr. Aparup Das on the installation of the RNA extraction machine provided by Rotary Club Jabalpur South.

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He said that we have only 32 sample detecting machines and this machine, which gives the results of the Fully Automatic and the maximum of 96 samples, will save time as well as the results will be real. This machine came into operative mode with the online installation by the company engineer from Bangalore. Due to which all the scientists present in the lab ran a wave of happiness. It is known that ICMR is leading the fight with Kovid-19 in the country as well as leading institute of research. Rotary Club Jabalpur South pre-president and project head Akhil Mishra, club secretary Ravi Vaishya, senior scientist Dr. Tapas Chakma, Dr. Pushpendra Singh, Dr. Vidhan Jain and administrative officer Gyanchand Jain were present in the machine installation. Dr. Pradeep Barde’s cooperation was remarkable.