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Panchayat kept reward for catching the dog

Panchayat kept reward for catching the dog

Publish Date: | Wed, Jan : PM (IST)

Jhirnya (New Zealand News). The female dog, who has attacked a dozen people in two days, is not being found even after finding it. Where does she suddenly attack and disappear. The employees of the Gram Panchayat are looking for the female dog. Information is also being given on WhatsApp and Facebook. Ultimately, the Gram Panchayat has made Munadi Gram Panchayat to give a reward of Rs. Sarpanch Dhum Singh Patel has requested the female dog to be alert and inform her in the panchayat. Its announcement has also been made in the town by installing a speaker on the vehicle. On the other hand, Mahesh Patidar, CEO of Janpad Panchayat has also instructed the Gram Panchayat to take quick steps. Panchayat worker Deepak Gosar said that even after giving information on all WhatsApp groups and Facebook, no information is being received from anywhere. On Tuesday and Wednesday, seven people of Jhirnya including children and citizens of Nahaldari, Ambadochar, Kusumbia, Nihali, Nilikhali were injured by the female dog. Rajesh Pahe, pharmacist of the government hospital told that the injured patients are continuously coming to the hospital.

give people anti rabies injection

On Wednesday afternoon Kamal Putra Motiram, a resident of Ambadochar, reached the bus stand to have tea. As soon as she got down from the motorcycle, the bitch ran away. In this way, Kalu son Ratan of village Kusumbia was also bitten by the female dog while starting the motorcycle. Dilip son Gorelal of village Nahaldari was injured by a bitch near Nimar Malwa Bank. Some children were also badly injured by the female dog. BMO Dr. Deepak Jaiswal told that in two days patients have been vaccinated against rabies. . Adequate number of vaccines are available in the hospital and emergency services are being provided to the patients.

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