Pulses Rate In Indore: Import duty on lentils reduced by Rs 150 in five days


Indore, AboutGyan Representative Pulses Rate In Indore. So far, lentils, which are selling above the support price, are now showing a bearish phase. Stockists’ levy has come down due to indications of reduction in duty on lentil imports. Meanwhile, selling of profit-booking is being seen in the market. Lentils have become cheaper by about Rs 150 in five days. On May 31, lentils were Rs 6450, which came down to Rs 6300 per quintal by June 5. Levy is weak. Similarly, due to the selling of speculators in gram futures and reduced interest in mills to buy more, there is a bearish situation in gram.

Chana thorn has also broken up to Rs 150 in the last five days. On May 31, gram thorn was sold for Rs 5350, which has come down to Rs 5,200 per quintal in the bottom by 5,175 on June 5. Some mills are also cutting the prices of chana dal. According to the 3rd Advance Estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture, gram production in 2020-21 is expected to increase from 11.1 million tonnes in 2019-20 to 12.6 million tonnes. The demand for gram in the domestic market is very less. Meanwhile, the government has made it clear that there is no intention to reduce the duty on gram and peas. Due to the withdrawal of buying and selling at lower prices in moong, the price has seen a revival from Friday evening. Moong rose by Rs 100 to Rs 5800-5900. Business was normal in Urad and Tuvar. There was a slowdown in moong dal, masoor dal.

Pulses Price Update Indore: Government procurement announcement is blank, moong in Indore is being sold a thousand rupees below the support price

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Pulses prices- Chana Kanta 5175-5200 Vishal 4900-5050 Bitki $5700 Chana 7500-7800 Masoor 6300-6325 Tuvar Maharashtra White 6700 Karnataka 6800-6900 Nimadi Tuvar 6000-6600 Urad Bold 7200-7300 Average 6000-6500 Moong 5800-5900 Average 5800-5900 Rs quintal.

Pulses price- Chana Dal 6600-6700 Medium 6800-6900 Best 7000-7100, Masoor Dal 6900-7000 Best 7100-7200, Moong Dal 7700-7800 Best 7900-8000, Moong Mogar 8000-8100 Best 8300-8500, Tuvar Dal Sava No. 8800 Se 8900, Phool 9000 to 9100, Best Toovar Dal 9200 to 9500, Extra Best Toovar 9600 to 9900, Urad Dal 8800-8900 Best 9000-9100 Urad Mogar 10100-10200 Best Rs 10400-10500 per quintal.

Indore News: CNG pump worker was taking more money, removed after complaint of rickshaw driver union
Indore News: CNG pump worker was taking more money, removed after complaint of rickshaw driver union

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Indore Rice Price

Indore. According to Dayaldas Ajit Kumar Cantonment Basmati (921) 9000 to 9500, Tibar 7500 to 8000, Dubar 6500 to 7000, Meeni Dubar 5500 to 6500, Basmati Sela 5000 to 7000, Mogra 3500 to 5500, Dubraj 3500 to 4000, Kalimunch Dinnerking 7000, Rajbhog 6000, Parmal 2700 to 2850, Hansa Sela 2600 to 2750, Hansa white 2400 to 2500, Poha 3200 to 3700 quintal sold.

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