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Umaria Forest News: Male tiger of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve sent to Mukundpur

Umaria Forest News: Male tiger of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve sent to Mukundpur


Umaria, AboutGyan Representative. The male tiger kept in the enclosure at Baheraha in Magadhi enclosure of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve has been sent to Raja Martand Singh Joo Mukundpur. This male tiger was resuscitated four years ago after the death of its mother T-25 from a place called Arharia. A male and a female cub were also rescued along with it who were sent to Satpura Tiger Reserve last year. Due to the maintenance of the said male tiger by humans, it had become accustomed to human presence. Therefore, it has been decided.

Not for open forest: Last month, a team of wildlife experts spotted the tiger and found that it could no longer be left in the open forest. The team did not find it suitable for independent variance. The report submitted in this context also described the tiger as unsuitable for being released into the forests.

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Demand was made: In such a situation competent permission was obtained on receipt of demand from Mukundpur zoo. A team led by Director Sanjay Rajkhare from Mukundpur Zoo reached Bandhavgarh and it was tranquilized in the enclosure in the presence of Area Director Bandhavgarh. After this, the tiger was sent to Mukundpur. The males also collected tiger samples before sending them to the tiger. Assistant Director Swaroop Dixit, Abhishek Tiwari, Wildlife Assistant Surgeon Dr. Nitin Gupta, Dr. Tomar and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Officer and other staff were present during the operation.