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Unseasonal rains will affect the collection of tendu leaves

Unseasonal rains will affect the collection of tendu leaves


Dindori (Newdunia Representative). The rains across the unseasonal district are also impacting the collection of tendu leaves. Tendu patta collection was scheduled to begin in the district on 10 May, but due to rain its date has now been extended to 13 May. The quality of tendu leaves is also being affected due to rain. Outbreak of Mata Dag has started increasing in the leaves. This time, a target of collecting 40 thousand standard bags of tendu leaves in the district has been set. With the Corona crisis, unseasonal rain seems to be falling on the tendu leaf collection. Necessary guidelines have been issued by the Collector in this regard due to corona infection. It is instructed to follow the corona protocol on tendu leaf collection seriously.

The quality of foliage is affected due to weather

The cloudy sky with unseasonal rain affects the quality of tendu leaves. In some areas of forests of Shahpura, Mehandwani, Dindori, Samanpur, Amarpur, Bajag, Karanjia regions of the district, the impact of Mata Dag is being seen in Tendupatta. The brightness of the leaves is also affected by this. Problems are increasing with the onset of rain in summer. Now the forest department has set a target to start collection from May 13. If the weather is fine then the trouble will be less. Preparations are being made that Tendupatta should be dried and transported to the godown soon.

Tendupatta buyers and their representatives will get admission on negative report

The Collector issued a letter to the Managing Director of the District Forest Produce Cooperative Union giving clear guidelines that all purchasers and their representatives entering the district from outside will be given entry in the district only after the investigation report of Corona Negative. For the purchaser and their representatives, the forest divisional officer, managing director, will issue a pre-determined photo identity card by the district union to work in the area. All such photo issued in the Identity Card will be valid for small forest produce organization, transportation, storage. The letter also mentions that the employees, buyers, their representatives, laborers and villagers engaged in the work of tendu leaf collection must compulsorily apply facial masks and follow physical distances. Every storage center and warehouse including storage center will have to be sanitized along with hand washing. A circle of physical distance of 2 meters will be made. Instructions have also been given to arrange lighting for work at night. A person has also been instructed to immediately go to the hospital after seeing symptoms of corona virus. The letter also talks about taking action on non-compliance of instructions.

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The collection of Tendupatta was supposed to start from May 10, but due to the rain, now the collection will start from May 13. Preparation is complete. Unseasonal rains can affect the quality of tendu leaves. A target has been set to collect about 40 thousand standard bags.

AK Sharma

SDO Forest Department Dindori.