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Gwalior Corona Alert News: Energy Minister arrives in Barai-Panihar

Gwalior Corona Alert News: Energy Minister arrives in Barai-Panihar


Gwalior Corona Alert News: Gwalior, AboutGyan Representative. Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar reached Barai-Panihar on Saturday night. Here he went door-to-door and met the corona infected to get information about their health benefits. Also inquired about whether medicines etc. facilities are being provided. Infections said that people are sick here in every household. The village has been sanitized only once and no sampling is being done. The total population of the village is about seven thousand. On being asked by the minister, officials said that there was twice sampling, in which 200 people have been tested. The minister directed that sanitization should be done and sampling should be conducted on Sunday itself.

Living in a separate room in the house Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar arrived at a house and asked the infected whether the medicine was found? There is no problem. He advised the family of the infected to keep the victim in a separate room. No one should go into that room and neither infected person comes in contact with any family member. And also give food from far away. Stay on all masks and wash hands. Apart from this, the need for ambulance was also conveyed to the Energy Minister. Presently, an ambulance is required to be called by chivalry if required. The Energy Minister, after discussing with the officials regarding the ambulance, has assured to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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No bestowment will be tolerated: Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar directed the officials to get the villages sanitized. The infected should get proper treatment and get sampling done. So that people can get treatment on time. In this case, no money will be tolerated.